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Lisa Goldman

Author of The No Rules Handbook,

Writer, Director & Script Consultant


 Hoxton Story, written and directed by Lisa was a site-specific walkabout theatre piece based at sites and on the streets of Hoxton in September 2005, just as the last publicly owned buildings in the area were being sold off. Though this filmed document cannot convey the immersive experience of the live event, where four audience groups took different colliding journeys, it may nonetheless be interesting as a social document.

Prior to creating the piece, Lisa and her team from the Red Room theatre company also interviewed people living on estates in the area, creating a 40 hour long oral history archive. Lisa edited up these interviews into a booklet (also called Hoxton Story) including portrait photographs of the interviewees by artist Leo Asemota. The publication can be downloaded here for free. 

My sky is big, directed by Lisa, is a no budget short film without dialogue, made on offcuts of 35mm. Sound was added later with completion funding. It premiered at NFT1 as part of the London Film Festival.